2015: A year in outfits

So since it's the start of a new year (which according to everyone else, is something to be excited about) I figured I'd jump ...

So since it's the start of a new year (which according to everyone else, is something to be excited about) I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon of making a "spiritual cleansing" kinda post, i.e. talking New Years resolutions and a summery of my past year (which as i'm writing I realise no one probably cares about anyway but oh well). 

So- outfits aside- this year has been pretty life changing for me. I started the year by moving straight down to London for six months doing internships at high fashion studios, which was a big thing for me because I was completely on my own, no friends down there and living with strangers in an East London flat (which was grim, I'll add). To be honest I shocked myself, and my family, by how well I coped with it for six months, before I moved there I couldn't even walk down the street on my own without getting a mild panic attack, and yet I was running errands all over London, and going strange places on my own! So yeah. Career wise, placement did nothing but make me dislike the fashion industry. But I can't deny how much of a difference it's made to me personally, and proving to myself that anxiety and depression don't have to hold you back. But anyway, I feel like my personal style evolves each year to a different "theme" (remember back in 2013 when I was at my 'vintage-grunge' phase? Ha), earlier in the year my sense of fashion was deffo the brighter, the better, whereas recently I've toned down a bit, probably because of the weather; feel like a right wolly walking around in a rainbow outfit in the pissing rain. 

I'm not a big fan of new years resolutions, because I find it always ends up in disappointment. So instead I've set myself goals to better myself with *praying hands emoji*. 

1. Lose some weight, not a drastic amount but I hate how I look on photos (especially on nights out) so instead of having a mental breakdown the day after when I've been tagged on Facebook, and when I look in the mirror before, imma shed this insulation a lil bit. 

2. Stop having "instagram OCD" i.e obsessing about having a "theme" and that everything matches up- I'm terrible and delete photos if I don't think they go with the rest of my pictures. Like at the end of the day it's only social media, in 10 years it'll probs be dead (like Bebo). 

3. Put uni work ahead of partying. Like, to be fair I work really hard and have never even done an all nighter, but going in to a lecture hungover and feeling totally disoriantated is just too fresher for a 3rd year like me. 

4. Stick to blogging regularly. I actually LOVE writing, but I also feel stupid writing massively long posts about crap no one cares about. So I'm going  to try and blog more, and expand what topics I write about, so not just photos of me in my garden. 

Happy New Year everyone! 
Love Elizabeth xx

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  1. I totally want to get on the exercie bandwagon but man why is it so hard?! I adore your style so much! I definitely need to put my uni work before like everything..I am a terrible procrastinator xxx



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