A Shoe Addict's Guide to the Sales

Have I got a shoe problem? Perhaps (yes, 100%). However if said shoes are bought in the sale for a fraction of the price, then surely ...

Have I got a shoe problem? Perhaps (yes, 100%). However if said shoes are bought in the sale for a fraction of the price, then surely it's just logical...that's what I tell myself anyway. I fully admit that i've gotten 10x worse since working in shoes on and off for the last 2 years, so it's basically like putting a buffet of junk food in front of someone trying to diet; No chance. So anyway I've put a sort of haul post together (something I haven't done in about 4 years) of my best shoe picks in the sale this summer. 

£14 reduced from £65 @ Office. 
So this is one of those shoes that is going to get you strange looks if you venture out of the house wearing them...then again most of my clothes do that anyway so not really an issue. The wooden block heel makes it wearable for something other than slippers, and gives it a nice casual look. The fur is of course faux, however the shoe sock and lining are soft leather meaning it moulds nicely to the shape of your foot once they've been broken in. Mules have always been a bit awks for me because they don't feel secure on my feet, however these are tight across the front so stay pretty secure! If you have wide feet however I would recommend going up a size. 

£39 reduced from £100, Dune London

If you follow me on instagram (@elizabethbryony) then you may have picked up that I work for Dune. Therefore I am slightly biased/easily tempted by their shoes. So these flatforms are from the Dune Black range, which is like their high-end line and the designs are a little more edgy. I love any sort of metallic shoe so I was instantly drawn to the colour and style of these. Now to be perfectly honest, they look incredible on...but they're not the comfiest of shoes straight away. I found the heel to be very stiff to the point where it hurts your foot when you walk far, however I've not properly broken them in yet! The good thing about them being quite structured is that your foot is secure when wearing them, and won't roll over the side of the platform (which has happened to me in the past because I walk like an idiot). These fit pretty true to size.

£37 reduced from £75, Dune London

Yes another pair of Dune shoes, but come on now pretty are these?! The heel detail is just an absolute dream, and the height of the heel is perfect if you're clumsy and uncoordinated like me. The perfect summer heel to wear with pastel colours and glitzy accessories. The cross strap in the front of the shoe looks so much better on, and also provides extra support for your foot. Last time I checked this style was all sold out online, but the shoe is literally called "Mermaid" and also comes in black and rose gold. I haven't worn them for a long period of time, but they feel comfy and are easy to walk in so far! And if you have wide fitting tootsies then you're in luck because this style also comes in a wide fit online! 

£7 reduced from £19.99, New Look

I literally bought these this morning (which inspired me to write this post) as I just saw them in passing as I was returning something (I have no will power when it comes to spending money clearly). I've never seen a green pair before and I think that's what drew me to them. I'm sure you've seen this furry sliders in every shop going, and to be honest I have mixed feelings about them. I like the idea of them, but when I see someone just walking around town wearing them with jeans, they just look a bit out of place. So I will be saving mine to wear as slippers, and possibly beach shoes if I ever manage to save enough money to actually go on holiday. Since getting home i've been wearing them around the house and can honestly say they're pretty damn comfy...maybe that's why so many people are wearing them for everyday use. 

So that's it from me for now, but please let me know what you though of this post and whether you'd like to see more shopping based things! Any feedback is helpful and I hope you enjoyed it. Have a lovely weekend!

Elizabeth x

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